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A Royal Escape Know as Ram’s Land, Rameshwaram is rich in history and culture. The town’s name is from the ancient language of Sanskrit translating to “One who is lord of Rama“. It is in reference to Hindu mythology of a story about Lord Rama. With monuments dating back to the kings of the majestic Chola Era, this town’s old charm will definitely win you over. Among this, nestled between palm groves and salt fields, Star Palace Hotel is located, surrounded in delightful serenity.The hotel is surrounded not only by grand architectural wonders with deep roots in Hindu tradition like the Temple of Ramanathaswamy and Kothandaramaswamy Temple which dates back hundreds of years, but this land is also blessed with incredible natural sights like Gandhamadhana Parvatham, which is a mountain range that offers a bird’s eye of the whole island. The accessible location is ideal for travellers of all ilk, and is especially convenient for the Hindu Pilgrimage that Rameshwaram is famous for. Located in a town with such a vibrant past, Star Palace Hotel is here to serve. A world awaits; we are at your service.